Night Tide by Michael Sherer

Release Date - September 2013

Michael Sherer
Cutter Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Blake Sanders is not having the best of days. Smelling gas and watching the homeowner run back into the house just as it explodes, isn't a great start. Things get worse when he learns his former best friend is out of jail and may be gunning for him.That's a lot for any man to deal with, but it gets even better when he reaches home and finds Keeley Radcliffe on his doorstep.

Keeley's sister was killed in the same event that put Blake's former best friend in jail. She's convinced there is more to the story and wants Blake to find out what really happened 20 years ago. He immediately refuses. Later, at a dinner with a friend and his friend's parents, Blake is stunned when gunmen approach the home and shoot his friend while his friend's supposedly loving parents flee. When the parents' disappearance and events from 20 years ago seem to link up, Blake has no choice but to look into a history he's been trying desperately to forget.

There are so many characters in Night Tide! I admit, I had to rely on a technique I use when I start to get bogged down by too many characters at once. Eventually, keeping notes paid off and I could focus on the story without having to backtrack and figure out the who's who angle.

After becoming adjusted to the characters, past storyline and present day storyline, I settled in and found this to be a very enjoyable suspense. I do think I would have enjoyed it more had I read the first Blake Sanders novel. I felt, at times, like knowing Blake's background would have been beneficial. Still, this is a fine suspense story that kept me hooked.


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