Dark City (Repairman Jack: Early Years) by F. Paul Wilson

Release Date - October 2013

F. Paul Wilson

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Dark City is the second book in the Repairman Jack: Early Years trilogy. I have a long history with F. Paul Wilson novels. Growing up, my Mom was a huge fan and read and reread The Keep on what seemed like a monthly basis. F. Paul Wilson had another series, the Repairman Jack series, that was also a mainstay in our home.

A year or so ago, I read the young adult series that introduced Jack as a youngster. The Early Years trilogy takes a step forward in time and introduces Jack in his early 20s. Dark City finds Jack trying to stay out of the way of a Dominican gang who is intent on making Jack pay for hurting one of them. He's also desperately trying to save his friend's bar, all while trying to keep a very low profile.

I've seen Dark City classified as both a horror and a fantasy. I don't really agree with either take. What this book is is a fascinating character study. Jack is the reason to read. Watching his character fight for justice, attempt to remain as off-grid as possible, and bond with the men and women in his life made for fun reading.

F. Paul Wilson is always a master at description. When Jack is sliced by a machete, I felt it. His joy driving around his new used car with he top down, even though it was March, and March in the Northeast is not usually warm. I could feel the wind chilling every bone in my face.

Should you read Dark City? I definitely say yes, but you'll also want to start  investing time in bookstores or the libraries reading other Repairman Jack books to see how all of these books work together to form a complete picture of one of the best heroes in fiction.


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