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Atlanta, GA, November 18, 2013 – An immortal, mythical man instructs a young woman through  ancient alchemical formulas in “The Water Daughter,” a New Age super-fiction by Marta Gottfried  Wiley.  As one of the Illuminati, St. Germain removes the mental and spiritual blockages built up throughout  this woman’s lifetime. He then initiates her into the higher realms of knowledge and secrets, by  discovering the water of life. 

The New Age knowledge within “The Water Daughter” is in depth, but written in an easy-to-read,  conversational style. Her mentor examines gravity, molecules, and the holistic world view of mind,  body and spirit. 
“Because we use only 10% of our minds, I believe anything is possible,” the author says. “The beauty of it is that there are spiritual laws that can be learned.” 
This book is an attempt to explore the hidden potential of man’s enlightenment through fiction. Marta Wiley’s extensive educational and personal experiences are evident. Each chapter, such as Elementals, Synthetic Stone, and The Black Hole, can be enjoyed individually, as they could easily 
stand alone. 
“The Water Daughter” interweaves mythology, personal history and fictional alchemical formulas  dealing with Gnosis and the true essence of life. With insightful and sometimes humorous episodes,  Marta adeptly shows that the Quintessence of knowledge has power and that power has laws. 
The 235-page books is released by Entry Way Publishing and is available in paperback and e-Book  at these onlinestorefronts:,, and
 About Marta Wiley
 Marta Gottfried Wiley is an accomplished multimedia artist of thousands of paintings. Of Mexican descent, she is unique as a figure painter, an innovator of styles and techniques, and a master  of various media. Marta also has hundreds of songs hitting the top charts on the radio, such as “Beggar” and “Signal.” She is the published author of “Ring of Light,” and now her newest, “The  Water Daughter.” She is working on her third book.


  1. The Water Daughter can also be purchased via: This book is getting some excellent feedback and sales are climbing - so don't miss out on an opportunity to read something you will find nowhere else. VicToria Freudiger, Publishing Director - Entry Way Publishing,

  2. I must admit that I don't always "get" all the New Age thinking - but I truly enjoyed reading this book after I bought it on Story-e-Books. There's some deep thinking about the many levels and elements of our lives...but there's a little grinning humor as well!


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