Wrong Place, Wrong Time by Tilia Klebenov Jacobs

Release Date - June 2013

Tilia Klebenov Jabobs
Linden Tree Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

It's been many years since Tsara Adelman has seen her uncle. Now that both of her parents have died, Tsara and her brother decide to take up the uncle's invitation to visit his estate home for a weekend. Tsara has no idea of the trouble she's about to face.

Mike Westbrook wants nothing more than to have his six-year-old son returned to the safety of his arms. He kidnaps Tsara from her room one night in hopes of being able to secure the safe return of his son. Problems occur when Tsara's uncle hires two rogue cops to help him keep his kidnapping a secret and make sure both Mike and Tsara do not live to talk about his crimes. Mike must rely on his years of military training in order to keep himself and Tsara safe.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time is a fast-paced novel with plenty of twists. The copy I read was close to 500 pages, though Amazon has the book listed as being just over 400 pages. Given that, the final editing may have cut a number of pages, unless it's just a formatting issue. I am thinking that if pages were cut, it could well take care of the one issue I had with the novel, and that was that there were times things dragged on to a point I felt some of the sections were unnecessary.

The first half of the novel covers the kidnapping, and their trek through the New Hampshire mountains, turf that I know well. I loved the setting because I do know it well. The author does a great job capturing the wooded terrain. The remainder of the novel deals with the aftermath, and Tsara's emotional struggle as she blames Mike for putting her life at risk, but also feels for him because she has two similarly aged children.

Taking the story beyond the kidnapping and looking into the future is what ended up making Wrong Place, Wrong Time stand out. It's why I think it's a definite must-read.


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