The Tulip Eaters by Antoinette van Heugten

Release Date - October 29, 2013

Antoinette van Heugten

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

 Nora de Jong eagerly returns home after her shift as a surgeon at a local hospital. She's ready to spend time with her six-month-old daughter and relieve her mother of babysitting duties. Instead, Nora finds her mother's body, she's been shot, the body of a stranger, and her infant is gone. Police begin their investigation, but the dead man's ID was a forgery, and in the 1980s, DNA testing just wasn't the same. With little to go on, the police quickly run out of ideas.

After going through her mother's things, Nora finds her mother's been hiding a secret and that the strange man might not have been a stranger after all. To learn the truth about her family's past, Nora must head to Amsterdam and unravel events from WWII. Only then does she stand a chance of saving her child.

The Tulip Eaters blends history and the present day (though that present day is really historic to many people today). Nora is a determined mother, and, as a mother, I can see her reasoning for taking charge when the police seemed to have hit a dead-end.

There is more mystery and suspense to this novel than romance, but there is a touch of romance, too. Mostly towards the middle and end of the book. The romantic aspect plays a lesser role than Nora's quest to find her daughter and unravel her family's past.

Overall, this is a gripping novel that kept me involved in the story. I read the story in one afternoon and am so glad I did.


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