Self-Help Review - Why Do I Feel This Way? by Dina L. Wilcox

Release Date - December 2012

Mill City Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Everyone grieves differently. When my aunt died, I grieved while she was still in the hospital. I knew after seeing her that she didn't have long, and listened to other family members saying she'd pull through, though it was clear that was not going to be the case. Three years later, her husband is finally moving on, but I also listen to my mother grieving from time to time. That's one of the points that the author of Why Do I Feel This Way? is making.

Dina L. Wilcox isn't spouting professional tips in her self-help guide. She's been there. While so many books on grieving are written by psychologists or psychiatrists, it's not as common to find one written by a person going through the grieving process. To me, that makes this book stand out. Knowing the author has experienced everything she's talking about adds a layer of honesty that few self-help guides manage to tackle.

The book covers nine chapters. Among them are handy lessons on "We Are What We Feel" leading up to the "Raising Healthy Voices." The author discusses how she felt after her husband's death and the extremely long grieving process that followed. There's an appendix of mental exercises in the end, and they lead to one of the most important portions of this book - listening to yourself.


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