Mrs. Poe by Lynn Cullen

Release Date - October 2013

Lynn Cullen
Gallery Books

Book Review by Bob Walch

The tumultuous life of Edgar Allan Poe continues to fascinate authors and provide fodder for new novels. Lynn Cullen is the latest person to fall under the spell of the famous American poet and writer. In this story Cullen focuses on Frances Osgood, a struggling poet and mother of two children, who falls under Poe’s spell. 
Osgood meets the illustrious author of “The Raven” at a literary gathering and she is surprised that Poe has some knowledge of her work. A mild flirtation is followed by a seduction and then an illicit affair. As Osgood falls for her complicated, married lover, the situation becomes rather volatile as Virginia Poe, the frail wife of the writer, befriends Osgood. 
At this point the story becomes as bizarre and twisted as one of Poe’s famous short stories. With the fates of these two women now intertwined, the tale of this romantic triangle takes some unexpected and surprising turns. 
In the “Author’s Note” at the back of the book Cullen writes that when she began writing this novel her intention was “not to write a shivery tale”. That may have been the plan but that’s not how things turned out. You’ll discover what I mean once you begin reading this gothic story of misguided love.


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