Just One Day by Sharla Lovelace

Release Date - October 16, 2013

Sharla Lovelace
Beyond the Page Publishing

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

When her boyfriend proposes to her, Andie Fremont is stunned. She's comfortable with him, but his proposal never once mentioned the word love. He gives her 24 hours to come up with an answer. She uses that time and heads off to a place that once meant the world to her.

After pulling into a diner where she plans to splurge and eat things her boyfriend doesn't allow, Andie is stunned to find herself stranded in the diner with the owner, a man she had a one night stand with in her college years. The attraction between the pair is as powerful now as it was then, and Andie soon finds making this decision is not going to be easy.

Just One Day is very short, just over 100 pages. While the author does a great job building the characters and their relationships, the ending came so abruptly that I was left wondering if I missed something. That's the biggest issue with this novel. I understand it was a short story, but of all the short stories I've read, things reach a conclusion, they're not just left hanging.


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