Human Remains by Elizabeth Haynes

Release Date - August 2013

Elizabeth Haynes

Book Review by Bob Walch

When she discovers the decomposing corpse of a neighbor, Annabel Hayer is taken aback because she realizes that apparently no one really cared enough about the elderly woman to check up on her from time to time. A bit of a loner herself, Annabel is struck by the fact that this may not be an isolated occurrence.

Since she works as a police analyst Annabel decides, out of curiosity, to check the data base and see how often this type of sad event occurs. She’s shocked to discover a surprising number of individuals of all ages and walks of life have wasted away in a manner similar to her neighbor.

Deciding to do a little investigating herself to see what is going on here, Annabel finds a circuitous trail leading to another “loner”, a man named Colin. Is this the clever mastermind behind these deaths that have remained beneath the official police radar because there doesn’t seem to be any violence involved? 
Using an alternating first person narration that places the reader into the heads of both Annabel and Colin, Human Remains is a chilling thriller that shows not only how vulnerable people who live alone can be but also how they can be preyed upon without anyone ever realizing what is happening.

A fascinating and troubling character study, you’ll not soon forget these two unusual adversaries.


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