Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Release Date - June 2012

Gillian Flynn

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Every year, Nick's wife Amy sets up a treasure hunt for their anniversary. She leaves him the clues, and he sets off on a quest to figure out the clues. This year, their fifth anniversary, things are ominous. Nick arrives home after a neighbor contacts him to say his front door is wide open, and his cat is outside. There, Nick finds his house in shambles, and Amy is no where to be found.

Nick is desperate to find out what happened. As the public and even police begin to suspect Nick killed his wife, the reader is also left to wonder if Nick is capable of killing, especially as his lies are revealed, or if there is something more to this story.

I'd heard all the buzz over Gone Girl, but I never found time to read it until recently. Now that I have, I have sat for days trying to decide what I think.

Gone Girl is a stunning novel, but it's also maddening. The characters drove me crazy. They're deranged, twisted, and unforgettable. I really liked Nick. Then as Amy's diaries started finding their way into the story, I know longer knew what I thought. Just short of the second part when the story turns to Amy, I suddenly figured it out. At that point, I couldn't stop reading the novel, but I started really hating certain characters too.

One thing is certain. If you like psychological suspense and want to read a novel that draws you in and both infuriates and tugs at  your heart, Gone Girl is a winner.


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