Delectable by Adrianne Lee

Release Date - September 2013

Adrianne Lee
Forever Yours

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

After his father's unexpected death, Quint McCoy regretted never taking the time to go fishing with him. It's not like his dad didn't ask regularly. Quint shuts everyone out of his life, including his wife, and takes off for the wilds of Alaska where he does nothing but fish.

With no word from Quint, his mother decides to expand her soon-to-open pie shop, taking over Quint's real estate office. She employs Quint's wife, Cailee to help design the shop. When Quint suddenly returns, Quint's mom has a heart attack when she overhears Cailee and Quint discussing divorce.

With the grand opening looming in the distance, Quint is not about to let his mom down. Cailee adores her mother-in-law and will not let her down either. Despite their differences, the pair team up to get the launch of the pie business off the ground. It's not the easiest task in the world when Quint's mom was the pie shop's pastry chef.

Delectable is a sweet romance that takes a broken romance and puts it on track to either crash and burn or find the renewal it needs. Readers are kept guessing on just what will happen.

Characters for future Big Sky Pie romance novels are introduced in Delectable. I can't say this is my favorite romance of all times, after all, there are so many. I can say that this novel is well worth every penny and left me interested in what will happen next in this charming town.


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