Cut to the Bone by Jefferson Bass

Release Date - September 24, 2013

Jefferson Bass
William Morrow

Book Review by Bob Walch

Dr. Bill Brockton, the brilliant and ambitious head of the University of Tennessee’s Anthropology Department, is ready to open a new research facility that has certainly opened some eyes. The forensic research the lab will engage will be cutting edge (no pun intended), but it has made some folks in the community uneasy.

To complicate matters, a series of murders create some uncomfortable questions for Brockton since there seems to be a link to some of his past investigations. As the corpse count mounts, not only is time of the essence but it also appears there is a pattern here that points to some shattering revelations about Brockton.

The Body Farm series has both entertained and fascinated those readers interested in forensics. This comes as no surprise because not only have the novels been well plotted and the characters believable but the science behind the series has been quite accurate.

Of course, this is no surprise when you realize that Dr. Bill Bass, half of the writing team dubbed “Jefferson Bass”, is himself a world-renowned forensic anthropologist who founded the world’s first laboratory devoted to the study of human decomposition.


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