Paranormal Review - The Returned by Jason Mott

Release Date - September 2013

Jason Mott

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

In 1966, Harold and Lucille Hargrave's world shattered when their eight-year-old son drowned during his birthday party. Now in their 70s, their world is rocked once again when Jacob returns looking exactly as he did decades ago.

Jacob is not the first of the deceased to return. Around the world, deceased loved ones are returning to their families at an alarming rate. The government is baffled. These people are not like zombies, they seem to be exactly as they were before they died, but there's also no explanation as to why the dead are returning to life. While many are happy to have a second chance with their loved ones, others are highly suspicious of what the dead have come back and that they may be here to unleash evil.

The Returned is a fascinating story. Jason Mott explains that the book stemmed from a very vivid dream he had in which he was able to talk to his deceased mother to get closure. The story goes into so many layers beyond that, however. It really delves into the human emotions of what we know of life and death.

I've learned that ABC created a television series from this book. It's been retitled Resurrection and airs March 9, 2014.


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