Mystery Review - Tragic by Robert K. Tanenbaum

Release Date - August 13, 2013

Robert Tanenbaum
Gallery Books

Book Review by Robert Walch

He’s not the kind of person you want to cross. Longshoreman Charlie Vitteli is the new president of the North American Brotherhood of Stevedores and what he says is law on the docks. Pit-bull nasty and as street smart as they come, Vitteli has fought his way to the top and if you value your well-being, you don’t challenge him.

Apparently Vince Carlotta didn’t get the message. Vitteli’s fiercest rival has accused him of embezzlement, election rigging and other abuses. Not smart! Carlotta is now dead, allegedly killed in an armed robbery, but everyone knows who is behind the murder.

Of course proving Vitteli is responsible is going to be a nearly impossible task but District Attorney Butch Karp is handed the assignment. With his wife’s assistance, Karp is going to try to find the hired assassin and then link him to Vitteli.

It’s a challenge few would accept but Karp and his wife, Marlene Ciampi, are determined to see that justice is done even though they are putting their own lives on the line.

There are some “out of the blue” surprises and odd twists that make this latest legal thriller from Robert Tanenbaum one of his more captivating novels. One of the best known trial lawyers in the country, Tanenbaum brings an authenticity to his stories that few other authors can match.


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