White Trash Beautiful - Teresa Mummert

Release Date - July 2013

Teresa Mummert
Gallery Books

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Growing up with a single mom and now living with a devoted boyfriend may sound like a dream come true, but for Cass Daniels its a living hell. While her boyfriend used to be her everything, his addition to drugs has turned him into an abusive, dangerous man. Her mother is no better, always looking for the boyfriend to supply her next fix. Cass is saving up to get out, but she needs to have enough money for both her and her mother.

When Tucker White enters the diner where Cass works, she never imagines she'll be swept off her feet. He seems too good to be true. When she learns he's the lead singer of a rock band, she's convinced that there is nothing between them that could ever be permanent. After all, he's got money, she's scraping to get buy, and no one wants trailer trash in their life. Tucker, however, wants to prove to Cass that she's got it all wrong.

White Trash Beautiful wasn't at all what I expected. Cass certainly had her struggles and not much of a support system to turn to. Tucker has his own demons and is determined to show Cass she's worthwhile of his attentions, no matter who he is. The pairing of these two kept me involved in the story.

I did find myself wishing, at times, that Cass was a little stronger. I know it's common for an abused woman to feel as though she deserved it, but Cass never seemed to show that side, yet she never called police to have Jax removed. She kept dreaming that one day he'd returned to the boy she once loved. She pays the ultimate price for those convictions, but I really wish she'd been tougher.

I had problems with the novel too. While Cass's story is painted with extreme clarity, Tucker's background is glanced at, but never truly established. I'm hoping he'll be more prominent in the next book. The ending was also rushed, and while I know there is another book in the works, I still hated how fast everything came together. It just didn't match the rest of the story's pacing.

In the end, I still enjoyed the story and am eager to read what happens next between Tucker and Cass. White Trash Beautiful does keep you wanting more.


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