Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Paris Deadline - Max Byrd

Release Date - October 2012

Max Byrd
Turner Publishing

Book Review by Bob Walch

It is the Jazz Age of the 1920s and Toby Keats may well be the only American working in Paris who doesn’t know Hemingway. No matter, though. Toby relishes his quiet life after serving in the Great War. But unfortunately this calm existence is about to change radically when he discovers an automaton dubbed Vaucanson’s Duck. 
Containing a small gyroscope that a number of people are interested in because it could be the key element in creating unmanned rockets, Toby’s new plaything becomes the center of a nasty struggle to see which group of baddies” can capture it. 
From the Left Bank to the prehistoric caves of southern France, the chase is on and the winners will possess technology that will tilt the next European conflict in their favor. 
Rich in historical detail, The Paris Deadline is a fun read and a nice diversion from more traditional suspense novels.

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