Take Me Back - Kelli Maine

Release Date - June 2013

Kelli Maine
Forever Yours

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Take Me Back is a very short read. It's just under 100 pages, so you'll easily read through it in an hour or two. It's also a novella connected to Taken By Storm. I'd never read that romance, so I did feel that I was missing some background into the characters.

There's a ghost on Turtle Tear Island that is very determined to get its message through. Rachael DeSalvo is pretty sure she knows what the ghost wants, but she can't figure out how to make the ghost's wishes come true. Her obsession with this situation has her pushing her true love Merrick Rocha away. She can't lose Merrick, but she also wants to make sure this ghost's last wish is granted.

With its gothic feel, I can see the Take Me Back becoming a favorite, especially with followers of the Give & Take series. The writing takes a little getting used to. It's told from first-person and second-person viewpoints (lots of "I" and "you", which while great in SEO writing, is a little jarring in fiction. I loved the story, and by the end I admit I'm curious and want to read the other books and novellas in this series.


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