Reese's Leap: An Island Mystery - Darcy Scott

Release Date - 2013

Darcy Scott
Maine Authors Publishing

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Having slept wrong the night before, I was dealing with one of the worst lower backaches I've ever had. I never in a thousand years thought a book would be the cure. I started reading Reese's Leap and couldn't put it down. Before I knew it, it was dinner time, then it rapidly progressed to bedtime, but I was too hooked to stop reading. Suffice it to say, I had Darcy Scott's book next to the bed and didn't move this morning until I'd read the last page.

Once a year, a group of women gather and enjoy a week together on a remote Maine island without the benefit of modern conveniences. Adria Jackson owns the 200-acre retreat, and she and her friends use this time to refresh, catch up, and enjoy being away from it all. They never expect to be in danger.

Gil Hodges doesn't expect to end up on Mistake Island. He accompanies his friend there, but the plan is to stay the day and then let the women enjoy their retreat. When the guys get fogged in, they're stuck on the island overnight. By morning, there's a stranger on the island, and he's made it clear that no one is leaving the island until he gets what he wants. Gil and his friend are now stranded with no radio, boats, or even a viable source of water. The stranger's made sure of it.

Using his skills as a botanist, Gil must figure out how to keep this stranger calm while also figuring out how to give him what he wants when what he's after doesn't exist.

I liked Gil. He's definitely a bit of a player, but his concern over the women was touching. He's also pretty smart when he needs to be. By the time I was done reading the mystery, I was intrigued and have to go back and read the first of Gil's stories - Matinicus.

The mystery really isn't baffling. I had it figured out, but that didn't keep me from wanting to read every page. The writing is fluid, engrossing, and swiftly paced.


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