Memoir Review: Mr. Joe - Tales from a Haunted Life by Joseph Barnett

Release Date - August 2013

Bettie Youngs Books

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Mr. Joe: Tales From a Haunted Life is a memoir written by an elementary school janitor who's seen ghosts for decades, since his grandfather's funeral. It is non-fiction, so readers need to be aware it is a true story.

As a memoir, the story covers many chapters and layers of Joseph Barnett's life. Readers learn about his relationship with an alcoholic parent, his close bond to his grandparents, the loss of his grandfather, his own failed marriage and entry into the world of being a single parent, and losing his job and having to start over as a school janitor.

Having read the title and blurb, I was expecting a story filled with ghost stories. In this case, many of the ghosts are his own life experiences. As a result, the book ended up feeling like a chat with a close friend. It was light, fun, and a book easily read in just a few hours.


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