Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chick Lit/Romance Review: The Star Attraction by Alison Sweeney

Release Date - May 2013

Allison Sweeney

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Much of The Star Attraction is set in a place where I've visited, though it's been years, and is about as far from my own hometown as you can get. Set in L.A., the book shares the story of Sophie, a Hollywood publicist, who has just about everything a woman could want. Her long-time beau is a hottie, and she's just been signed on to represent Billy Fox, one of Hollywood's most attractive stars.

Representing Billy means lots of social events and evenings out with Mr. Gorgeous himself. Things go astray when Billy's personal attention causes a few too many flutters. Sophie is suddenly on the verge of losing the man she adores, the job she loves, and the lifestyle she's grown accustomed to.

While the book is set in L.A. amidst warm, sunny days, I did find it funny that we're rolling into autumn here, some trees are already starting to show signs of their fall foliage, and I know it's only a matter of time before the winds become chilly and the snow starts to fly. Reading The Star Attraction actually had me longing for an extended summer.

I found myself pleasantly surprised. I can't say I watch anything with Alison Sweeney in it, but I do know who she is. Her book turned out to be addicting. I wanted to see if Sophie would cling to life she knew (I was thinking a touch of a Paul Rudd for Mr. Investment Banker) or throw caution to the wind and end up in arms of a man I pictured as a bit of a southern Bradley Cooper. Sweeney wrote with such detail that creating visual images of the characters was not very hard.

More so, I actually became so addicted that I couldn't stop reading. High school let out, and I was silently willing the clock to click back an hour, have the students run in reverse going back into the school, and give me the time I needed to finish savoring every word before driving my daughter home. It's really that good a story.

Given that, I am certainly hoping that this is not the actress's only foray into fiction writing. I'm dying to see more from her!

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