We Are All Birds - Geoff Gray

Release Date - March 2013 (Reprint)

Cassowary Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

After Sheldon Wirth's relationship comes to an end, he's hit with news of another tragic situation. His best friend, Dent, has a rare disease that affects the bone marrow, one the doctors are saying is a precursor to cancer. When Dent disappears, leaving the country to see some of the world, Sheldon is left behind. He struggles to maintain his job and possibly even his sanity, all while trying to hook back up with his ex and reconnect with Dent before its too late.

The witty, often sarcastic narrative in We Are All Birds certainly had me chuckling from time to time. This book is nothing like I've read before, characters meandered at their pace, learning from life as they went.

Given that, there were also times when I struggled with the book. I think it's partly that the characters were younger than I, so I see things differently to them. That made it hard to understand some of their decisions. In the beginning, I couldn't understand behaving in a hospital setting in the manner that Sheldon does. It seemed juvenile to me, and that's why I feel it was an age/maturity thing.

Still, the humor at other times kept me drawn to the story. If you're looking for something unique, something that draws you in and bounces from touching to absurd with no warning in between, We Are All Birds is a must.


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