Unseen - Karin Slaughter

Release Date - July 2013

Karin Slaughter
Delacorte Press

Book Review by Bob Walch

Their relationship has become a little strained of late, and the fact that Will Trent, a Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent, and Dr. Sara Linton, his lady love, are now on a collision course probably won’t help matters.

Will has gone undercover to get in with a lowlife drug dealer in Macon, Georgia. At the same time, Sara has been drawn to the city by the death of her stepson who was gunned down in his own home. Not the first time violence has struck her family in this manner, Sara blames Jared’s wife, a detective, for what has happened.

Without ever really realizing it, Sara is involved with the same situation that has brought Will to town and that is going to lead to some serious problems as danger swirls around both of these individuals.

Karin Slaughter has been called one of the best crime writers in the country and this thriller with its twists and shocking revelations is up to her usual standards. This story of shifting allegiances and conspiracy not only blurs the lines between good and evil but it also makes for a captivating read.


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