Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Three Little Words - Susan Mallery

Release Date - July 30, 2013

Susan Mallery

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

How I love my trips to Fool's Gold. Susan Mallery's created a town I'd love to be part of. The friendly faces, neighbors knowing neighbors, and a collection of stores and boutiques that make you want to spend time outside of your home. It's a far cry than my rural town and something I'd love to be part of.

Three Little Words features the rather hunky sounding Ford Hendrix, a former Navy SEAL who got through his service thanks to the letters Isabel Beebe kept sending him. Ford was once engaged to Isabel's sister. Isabel, then 14 and in love with Ford, was shattered when her sister dumped Ford for his friend. She wrote letters to him through high school and college never knowing if he was getting or reading her letters.

Fast forward 14 years. Isabel lives in New York City, but returns home to Fool's Gold to run her late grandmother's bridal store until her parents return from a much needed vacation. With five months away from the city, she has time to get over the hurt of her failed marriage and prepare for a new business venture. She never expects to bump into Ford or have him ask if she'll be his pretend girlfriend. She has no idea why she agrees, but soon she finds herself liking her new role.

Ford's mother is doing everything she can to make sure her bachelor sons find romance. When she starts to play matchmaker, Ford decides to tell her he has a girlfriend in order to get her to back off. What he doesn't expect is to start falling for Isabel. Falling in love is not an option for Ford, no matter what his heart is trying to say.

Three Little Words is actually a two-for-one romance. Not only do you get to watch Ford and Isabel battle their growing feelings, but Ford's brother, a single dad, also finds himself falling head over heels for Ford's co-worker, a military woman with a rough background. This made it feel like you got a bonus! I can't wait to see how things are going for both couples in future Fool's Gold romances.


  1. I love this series and just when I think I've read the best another one comes out and it's even better.
    If anybody needs a $1 coupon off a paperback For Three Little Words, just released today, let me know.

  2. Love the Fool's Gold series, Three Little Words is no exception. The story of Isabel and Ford is wonderful. With the added romance of Conseulo and Kent make for one hot summer romance book of the summer.

  3. Love the Fool's Gold Series! This would be the best town to live in fantastic neighbors, hot men! Loved the use of the love letters,that Isabel felt so embarassed by and that Ford had kept every copy, such a sweet touch!

  4. It has been a great summer in Fools Gold and finishing up with Three little Words is the icing on the cake. Isabel and Ford discovering each other within the safety of their 'fake relationship' is priceless. And for me the 2 for 1 relationship just made my day. I love this book. Everyone should read it.

  5. I loved Three Little Words! This summer's FG books have been the best yet!


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