The Unsinkable Herr Goering - Ian Cassidy

Release Date - March 2013

Cassowary Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

I have to say, I was a little confused by The Unsinkable Herr Goering. Per the description, it comes off as kind of a "histories mysteries," with the truth revealed about Hitler's deputy's suicide. As I started reading it, it became clear that this is really a satirical look at the man's greed and penchant for cross dressing.

In The Unsinkable Herr Goering, readers meet the man as he travels to the ambassador's house. He's clearly uncomfortable, dressed in silk stockings with lacy suspenders holding them up. The story progresses with comical episodes like Goering's trip to the ambassador's bathroom. What the story really comes down to, however, is that Goering plans to get out of Germany with his family and prized possessions. Finding transportation that can carry everything is a little more troublesome. From there, readers are treated to a farcical look at what really happened to Goering, and the attempts of the men who were supposed to stop his escape.

I had a galley copy, so I know there were editing mistakes, and that's perfectly acceptable. However, when looking at a supposed final copy on Amazon's "Look Inside" feature, I still see that the spelling "Goering" is used, but there are other times where it is spelled "Goring." While both spellings are correct, I'd expect to have one spelling used consistently throughout the book. Hopefully, future edits of the book catch and fix that issue.

I think your enjoyment of The Unsinkable Herr Goering is going to depend on your tastes. I found myself truly disliking Herr Goering, understandable given the man's nature, and therefore struggled with the book. I realize now that it was a satire, but knowing what he really did in life, I couldn't move past that to find humor in what he did. Instead, I often found myself disinterested and ready to give up.

There is certainly humor in this story, and I think that will appeal to many. In fact, I can see my brothers and husband, all diehard Monty Python fans, really enjoying this book. I, however, simply don't get the humor in Monty Python either, and that makes me think I simply am not a good fit for Ian Cassidy's novel.


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