My Rant on Lazy Students

I received a post for moderation that will never get posted, but I wanted to take the time to single out this anonymous poster.

Book reports are something required of you in school. We've all written them. Many of us, from my generation, probably relied heavily on Cliff Notes, what you call Spark Notes today. I know Cliff Notes got me through Shakespeare. Other classics like To Kill a Mockingbird, I simply loved reading that book, so I never needed them.

So to get a post of you whining how my book "review" didn't help you, you've simply made me laugh. If you honestly think I feel bad for you that you could not glean enough from one of my reviews in order to write your book report, guess again. Reviews aren't reports, there is a huge difference. Suck it up, read the book, and do your own work.


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