It's a Boy (The Camdens of Colorado) - Victoria Pade

Release Date - August 2013


Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Heddy Hanrahan quit her job after the death of her infant daughter and husband. She's since launched a bakery specializing in cheesecakes, but business isn't going as well as she hoped. Things take an interesting turn when a hunky man comes into her shop, toddler in tow, and doesn't seem to know the first thing about handling a child.

Lang Camden never expected to find out that a one-night stand resulted in him becoming a father. After the two-year-old boy's mother hands him over to social services, they test the four potential dads, and Lang's DNA is the match. Despite using birth control, he's an instant dad and doesn't have the first clue about parenting, especially not with a rambunctious toddler.

Lang's at Heddy's bakery to make her an offer. His family wants to market and sell her cheesecakes exclusively through their stores. The Camden's wronged Heddy's family in the past, so he's certain this will not go over well. Meanwhile, Heddy loves Lang's offer, but given the past, she fears this offer is too good to be true. As she spends more time with Lang and his son, she finds herself fearful of what is happening both on the business and personal front. She can't allow herself to forget the tragic events that took her family, but how can she ignore what her heart is saying?

It's a Boy is such a touching story. I felt for all characters. The issue is that the book ended long before I was ready. I now know that I need to find the other books in the series and start catching up with all of the Camden's. I also hope that there is plenty to come with frequent views into the lives of Heddy and Lang.

I do enjoy finding that special Harlequin novel that draws me in and keeps me wanting more. And, that's exactly what Victoria Pade's story did.


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