Bending Toward the Sun - Mona Hodgson

Release Date - April 2013

Mona Hodgson
Waterbrook Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Emilie Heinrich never expects to reunite with a childhood friend, Quaid McFarland, and feel a deep, immediate attraction. While Quaid fought in the Civil War, he matured and turned from a lanky teen into a man that has Emilie questioning her decision to avoid romance and spend all of her time working in her father's general store.

The more Emilie gets to know Quaid, the more smitten she becomes. Having any semblance of a courtship will not work out, however. Her very strict German father is determined that this Irishman is not the right man for his daughter, and he'll do everything in his power to make sure that their renewed friendship never ensues into a courtship.

I can't say I thought much of Emilie's father. I know times were different, but I still find it annoying. I really liked Quaid and to have a man judge him because he's Irish and not holding a job you find suitable never seems very Christian to me.

Bending Toward the Sun is the second in the Quilted Heart series. These are short stories, so character development is rushed because of the shorter length. Given that, I do wish these were longer stories. By the time I'm finding a flow with the story, it's over.

Maren and Wooly from Dandelions on the Wind appear in this second novella, so the reader does get to catch up with them. Given that, I'm sure there will be much more Emilie and Quaid in the third novella, Ripples Along the Shore.


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