The Barbed Crown: An Ethan Gage Adventure - William Dietrich

Release Date - May 2013

William Dietrich

Book Review by Robert Walch

Ethan Gage is back for a sixth historical adventure in this series that unfolds against a backdrop of European history during the late 1700s and early1800s. 
Although he once fought with Napoleon in Egypt, Ethan is now bent on revenge against Bonaparte for the kidnapping of his son, Harry, and for nearly killing his wife, Astiza. Smuggled into France, the American is determined to derail his former friend’s plans to take Europe. Recruited by other foreign agents to stop Bonaparte, Ethan infiltrates the French Court and tries to sabotage Napoleon’s coronation but that plan doesn’t succeed. 
Fleeing for his life, Ethan barely makes it out of France and across the channel to England. There he joins a motley but interesting group of renegades including Robert Fulton, Sir William Congreve, and smuggler Tom Johnstone. As France and Great Britain square off and the Battle of Trafalgar unfolds, this indomitable hero finds himself once again right in the center of the conflict. And, as usual, he’ll requite himself admirably and continue to make a little history.

If you enjoy historical thrillers with action heroes reminiscent of Indiana Jones, this series is a must read. Ethan Gage could teach Jones a thing or two!


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