Suddenly Solo - Harold "Hal" Spielman and Marc Silbert

Release Date - December 2012

Suddenly Solo

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Opening with a foreword from former AARP CEO Bill Novelli, Suddenly Solo is a book to help older men who are facing the single life again following divorce or death of a significant other. The advice is broken into five stages with an introduction and afterword, too.

The goal of Suddenly Solo is to get you used to being a bachelor again. It tackles the very beginnings, such as cooking for yourself or handling your laundry. It progresses into other more difficult issues like returning to dating again.

The stages deal with everything from separation/loss to moving on. Units covers things as basic as safe storage times for perishable food items, eating alone in a restaurant, and personal care. Personal care includes laundry, so any man who struggles with that will find all the answers he needs. The book covers entering the dating scene again, finding a new partner, and the trickier subjects like sex and moving in together.

Suddenly Solo is straightforward and covers everything a man needs to know. Some men may not struggle as much as others, but I remember my uncle's challenges after my aunt died. For close to 50 years, she'd done all the cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, bill paying, and organizing. If  you're in that spot, this book is an essential guide to moving on and being able to function by yourself.


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