Stupid Sports - Leland Gregory

Release Date - June 18, 2013

Leland Gregory
Andrews McMeel

Book Review by David Farnsworth

I do love sports. Like any sports fan, there are highs and lows, frustrations and moments that have you on your feet and cheering. Stupid Sports catches some of the funnier, sometimes ridiculous moments.

Each of these snippets is short. Typically a page or two. They take no time to read and are the perfect addition to any sports fan's collection. Think of it as the Uncle John's Bathroom Reader for sports.

The opening story is about three Orioles players who found themselves all on third base together leading to a crushing end to inning.  You have classic Yogi Berra quotes like his "You can't compare me to my father. Our similarities are different."  There's also the legendary Heidi Bowl that annoyed football players from all corners of the nation. Everything in this book brought a smile to my face or reminded me of plays that had me groaning in frustration.

Stupid Sports is a great present for Father's Day or simply a thoughtful gift for the sports fan in your life.


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