Skinny Bitch in Love - Kim Barnouin

Release Date - June 2013

Kim Barnouin
Simon and Schuster

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

For Skinny Bitch in Love, Kim Barnouin, co-author of the Skinny Bitch series, pens a fun, gripping romance on her own. I was hooked and admit at the end, I'd hoped for recipes for some of the dishes. I'm not sure if the final version (I had a galley copy) will have them or not. If not, I highly recommend ordering the Skinny Bitch cookbook, I know that's what I'll be doing.

Clementine Cooper grew up on an organic farm and has always been vegan. That's why it is so hard to believe when the dish she serves a food critic is found to contain butter. She's been sabotaged, but the damage to her reputation is done. No vegan restaurant will touch her.

With her friends supporting her, Clementine decides to become her own boss. She'll offer vegan cooking lessons, prepare ready-made meals for busy men and women, and start saving up for her own restaurant. She never expects her ex-boyfriend to become her first customer, but that's just the beginning. Her dream restaurant space is purchased by a hunky guy, but he's opening a steakhouse right across the street from her home. When the rich bachelor asks her to come up with two dishes to add to his menu, she's secretly pleased, but equally determined not to fall for him because he seems to be a playboy and he eats meat. Plus, the vegan chef who's replaced her at her former job is British, cute, and definitely into her.

Clementine is soon up to her ears in men, drama, and a new career that could prove to be the biggest decision of her life. But, can she handle it all?

I definitely liked Clementine's no-nonsense attitude and her friend/roommate's snarky side. I admit I wasn't sure about her at first. She is definitely mouthy when it comes to veganism. I'd love to see the world simply just get along and accept other's differences, but there seems to be this thing with vegans. I've experienced it many times from some cousins who are vegan, that if you eat meat you're bad and ruining the earth. If you want to follow a vegan diet, I have no problem, but I am bothered when vegans turn around and insult non-vegans, such as what Clementine started out doing to Zach.  Eventually, he turns out to be a great verbal sparring partner for her and gives back as good as she gives. Watching them weave their way around dating was a lot of fun.

I'm clearly not vegan, but as my daughter is dabbling in becoming a vegetarian, we do mix in a few vegetarian dishes every week for her. Some of the dishes in this romance sounded fantastic.


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