Overcome: Burned, Blinded, and Blessed - Carmen Blandin Tarleton

Release Date - February 2013

Carmen Blandin Tarleton
RTC Publishing

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

I still remember the morning news. A woman from the other side of Vermont, closer to where my friend lives, had been badly beaten by her estranged husband, but the beating wasn't enough for him. He felt the need to douse her with industrial-strength lye, leaving burns over 80% of her body. It was a shocking case of domestic abuse, and one I've continued to watch over the years.

Overcome: Burned, Blinded, and Blessed is Carmen Blandin Tarleton's story. It goes into far more detail than press on this side of the state ever did. I found myself crying as I read her very detailed account of the attack and then her very long road to recovery. It's a very touching story about a woman that many call "brave," but I've always felt she has to be the strongest person alive.

The writing is honest. I'm sorry that the ghostwriter who agreed to help her write her story backed out. As a freelancer in this state, one who has had to hire writing teams for clients, I'm always annoyed when someone takes a job. If you can't do the work, just say so. Her story and very long recovery is touching. That she was able to forgive a man who really hasn't shown any remorse is amazing.

It's been six years now, today in fact is the six-year anniversary of Carmen Tarleton's attack, and her most recent surgery, that I know of anyway, was the face transplant. In the book, the transplant has yet to happen, but she did have the transplant back in February and it's amazing what doctors did. You can see before and after pictures here.


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