Home to Whiskey Creek - Brenda Novak

Release Date - July 31, 2012

Brenda Novak

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Adelaide Davis only returned to Whiskey Creek to help her grandmother. She left the town 13 years ago, ready to escape events that should have led to the arrest of a number of jocks, but other events kept her from ever telling the truth. Now she's back and someone kidnaps her, puts her down a mine shaft, and tells her that if she reveals the truth of the events from all those years ago, she and her grandmother will both die.

Noah Rackham can't believe it when he hears a woman crying for help. The mine shaft where his brother died years earlier had been sealed off. After pulling Adelaide out, he's shocked to see her beaten face. When she refuses to be taken to the hospital or the police, he's even more stunned, but her fear keeps him from doing what he knows is right. 

Soon, Noah is falling for Adelaide. He knows she's hiding something, but he's hoping she'll reveal the truth when she's ready. In the meantime, he'll try to keep her safe from her attacker.

Home to Whiskey Creek is the fourth novel in the Whiskey Creek series. It's the first book I've read of the series, and it works well as a stand alone.

I was hooked from the start, though I admit I don't agree with the decisions Adelaide made in the past or those she makes at the beginning of this book. Despite that, it didn't keep me from rooting for her and Noah.

There are other characters who make strong appearances within the novel. One includes a guy, Baxter, who has a crush on Noah. I get that he was Noah's best friend, but I'm still trying to figure out how that sub-plot really helped Home to Whiskey Creek. For me, it didn't seem to fit in at all with the main storyline. It would have been better off as its own story with Baxter realizing he had no chance with Noah and then moving on to telling his family and finding his own true love. Throwing it into Noah and Adelaide's story just didn't seem to mesh.

The ending to me also felt rushed. After waiting the entire story to find out who kidnapped Adelaide, the customary red herring is thrown in at the last second along with the revelation into who did it. It almost seemed like a bit of a let down at the end. Granted, I hadn't guessed correctly, but when it did come out, it felt like straws were chosen and the unlucky character to draw the short straw got chosen as the bad guy.

Even taking those two complaints into consideration, I still read Home to Whiskey Creek in (almost) one sitting. I did have to do some quick shuffling when another thunderstorm decided to join a week's worth of thunderstorms. Other than having to quickly pick up outside and get inside, I didn't take breaks from reading this latest Brenda Novak romance.


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