Harper Lee & Peppermint Candy - Paula Hennessy

Release Date - July 2012

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Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

For 17-year-old Megan Murphy, cutting and outbursts are a way to get attention. Her father remarried and never has time for her. Her mother is a drama queen who must always manipulate situations so that they're about her. The only steady people in Megan's life are her grandparents, Addie and Henry Parker.

Addie and Henry see the influence their daughter's had on Megan's life. Knowing that rushing to Megan's side is only feeding her manipulative behavior, they decide to back off. When Megan's father announces he's done with her, and Megan's mother takes off for Arizona to start a new life, they're forced to step in. This time, their presence may be exactly what Megan needs to change.

When Addie starts feeling poorly, she isn't sure what could be wrong or how it might impact the progress Megan is making. Soon, the entire family will be put to the test to see just how strong Megan can be.

Harper Lee & Peppermint Candy is a breath of fresh air in the world of fiction. It made me cry, laugh, and cheer. I loved both Addie and Megan. They have a level of sarcasm that I loved. Megan clearly has a hard road ahead of her, but watching her progress through the story was uplifting.

With characters I admired, a plot that moved swiftly from beginning to end, and a realistic look at mental illness, Harper Lee & Peppermint Candy really did move me. It's a fabulous read and one that left me eager for the next Paula Hennessy novel.


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