Eviction Notice - Robyn Wyrick

Release Date - September 2010

Robyn Wyrick

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Science fiction has never been my thing. I certainly find no appeal in aliens. Yet, I found myself oddly intrigued by Eviction Notice.

It all starts with a senior prank. The soon-to-graduate class want to come up with a prank that blows other historic senior pranks out of the water. Their idea is to create a crop circle in the middle of a cornfield. Everything goes smoothly, but what they don't know is that their crop circle is about to unleash a frightening chain of events.

The crop circle accidentally matches the landing signal for a ship carrying a Glen Fairy, a female alien kidnapped for her ability to magically repair the environment. She's supposed to be traded in a deal to end a war. Now that she's on earth and missing, it's time for the Galactic Council to take drastic action to correct things.

In another part of town, Alice Able has divorce papers in hand and cannot stand to live on the earth for another day. With pills in hand, she's ready to take her own life. Her plans come to an end with a knock on the door. The "investigator" is here to let her know that she's about to be evicted from her home, and this doesn't just mean her house, it means her home planet. It's up to Alice to convince the Galactic Council that humans hold a claim on their planet.

The humor in Eviction Notice is what kept me hooked. There are times when the book becomes silly, reminding me a bit of the movies my husband loves so much like Mars Attacks. The rest of the time, the characters' wit shines through and had me snickering aloud. While Alice Able seems like the most unlikely of heroines, she actually becomes a character I admire. Between her, the alien investigators, the sheriff, the teens, and even the Glen Fairy, I was hooked.


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