Unbridled: A Memoir - Barbara McNally

Release Date - March 2013

Barbara McNally
Balboa Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

For more than a decade, Barbara McNally was the perfect wife, perfect hostess, and perfect mother, but along the way she lost track of who she really was. After having an affair, her marriage is over. Needing to rediscover who she is, she takes a page from her late grandmother's life and heads off to Ireland in search of herself. There, she rediscovers the vibrancy she lost along the way and starts to make the changes needed to find herself.

As much as I dislike cheating within a marriage, I understood where Barbara McNally was coming from. I, too, gave up a career almost 20 years ago to raise my kids. Thankfully, my husband lets me do my thing online, so I have my identity writing for various online sites.

In Unbridled, she does go on an amazing journey through Ireland and later Jamaica. I think many readers will sympathize with her and the choices she makes - right or wrong.


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