The Lake House - Marci Nault

Release Date - May 2013

Marci Nault
Gallery Books

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

I love books that grab you and keep you riveted from the first to the final page. That's exactly the kind of experience The Lake House offers. I admit to being saddened when it came to an end though because it meant my time with the residents of Nagog was over.

Victoria Rose grew up in the tight-knit lakeside town known as Nagog. She was one of the elite and with like her friends, she found herself falling in love with one of the local boys. The problem was that Victoria had aspirations of seeing the world, something her mother and even some of her friends simply couldn't understand. When she moved on, she became an outsider and was alienated by many, even during times of tragedy.

Heather Bregman seems to have it all. A job that takes her all over the world and a relatively wealthy fiance. What people don't see is how Heather's fiance is incredibly controlling and demands she do what he want, not what her heart wants. Ready to take control of her life, Heather purchases a lake home in Nagog and expects to fit right in.

The senior residents of Nagog are not ready for change. They don't want outsiders in their town, and they're definitely not ready to welcome Victoria Rose back with open arms. While Heather struggles to fit into a community full of senior citizens, she receives friendship from Victoria who is more than happy to have someone on her side for a change.

I admit that reading the first chapter left me wondering how well I'd be able to relate to a group of senior citizens, especially those who feel it was perfectly acceptable to treat others cruelly. I admit, there were some characters that I could have lived without because their behavior simply wasn't as Christian as they claimed to be. Sadly, I live in a small community and know that there are many out there who are just like Sarah and Evelyn.

The more I read, the more I loved it. I started reading while lounging in one of the Adirondack chairs on my deck and soon hours had passed and I was still hooked. I couldn't stop reading until I was done.

The Lake House is an engrossing read. Bring it to the beach or outside and enjoy a little escapism to a community that I certainly hope Marci Nault revisits!


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