Pros of Prozac: A Faith-based Memoir - Beca Mark

Release Date - March 2013

Beca Mark
CTL Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Pros of Prozac is a heartfelt guide to one woman's experiences with anxiety and depression. Beca Mark doesn't gloss her experiences. She shares them with honesty and great detail. Her memoir isn't long at just over 120 pages, but it does cover a lot of her personal experiences, as well as those of some of her friends and family members.

Obviously, the book is about Prozac and how it changed her life. She makes it clear that she is not a doctor, she's simply sharing her experience. I found the book was very easy to read, filled with personality, and surprisingly enjoyable, especially given my experiences with anxiety medications and beta-blockers.

While I'm glad that Prozac worked for the author, I had a completely different experience. Therefore, I do state that anyone considering seeking help talk to a doctor, specifically one that specializes in depression and/or anxiety. My doctor first tried beta-blockers. On those I gained a lot of weight because I had no energy. Things crashed around me after seeing a cardiologist as a precaution and he upped the dosage, which put my blood pressure dropped from 120/70 to 70/40 in a matter of hours.

On the generic form of Prozac, I couldn't function. I was told things would get worse before they improved, and they certainly did. I couldn't sleep, became paranoid about everything, was very sluggish all the time, and after three weeks with no improvement, I'd had enough. In my case, seeing a therapist and going through sessions learning positive self-talk was far more beneficial. It's been 10 years since I was weaned off all medications, and I'm much happier this way.

Every case is different, and while I did enjoy Pros of Prozac, what the author experienced and what I went through were opposite ends of the spectrum. I do recommend reading her experiences, and then work with a specialist to find out what works for you.


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