Joy-Worthy: A Mother's Guide to More Joy, Less Stress and No Guilt - Julie McGrath

Release Date - November 2012

The Joy Source

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Every mother is different, so the benefit you get out of Joy-Worthy may well be different to what I experienced. When I had my kids, I gave up a career to raise them. Some of my friends scoffed, but in the end, I have straight A students. We get along well. They never turned to drugs or went through a rebellious phase. Sure, I sacrificed a lot, but it's worth it.

In Joy-Worthy, the author gives clear examples on how to increase the joy in your life. She covers every topic from feeling no shame if breastfeeding doesn't work for you to enhancing your sex life. I definitely appreciated her honesty when it came to sexual activity, though there were also aspects I disagreed with. I'd never have rushed for a quickie when my kids were outside. If my kids were outside, I was out supervising them because it's too easy for a stranger to drive up and snatch kids, especially when you live where the police need more than 30 minutes to reach your home.

I do agree that every mom needs an outlet. Your kids suffer if you're not happy. I wholeheartedly agree with most of the tips and exercises within the book, and certainly feel it's a worthwhile gift to give yourself or the mom in your life.


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