Dandelions on the Wind: The Quilted Heart Series - Mona Hodgson

Release Date - February 2013

Mona Hodgson

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Set in Missouri, following the Civil War, Mona Hodgson's Dandelions on the Wind is a short novella that is extremely affordable and a quick, sweet read. At under $2 for the Kindle edition, it's not going to drain your wallet.

Rutherford "Woolly" Wainright left his infant daughter behind when his wife died during childbirth. He figured his mother-in-law would do a better job raising the baby than he would while he was grieving. After fighting in the war, he returns four years later hoping for a new start.

Maren Jensen accepted a job with Elsa Brantenberg after her intended husband decided she was lacking as a mail-order bride. Elsa and her granddaughter became Maren's family, and Woolly's return forces her to consider moving back to her home country, Denmark.

Obviously, feelings between Woolly and Maren begin to take shape, but Maren's been burned before. Woolly's fresh out the war where he's spent year's grieving the loss of his wife. Neither is certain that romance is in the cards.

Dandelions on the Wind is very short, just over 110 pages. It's summed up nicely, but I do have to say that at times things did seem rushed. Not that there was a way around it given the novella's short length, but I wished for more growth of each character and their relationship.

I liked the novella, but I really wish it had been a full-length book so that each character was fully developed and the relationship had time to grow rather than feeling rushed along.


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