Friday, May 17, 2013

As Twilight Falls - Amanda Ashley

Release Date - May 2013

Amanda Ashley

Book Review by Bob Walch

Kadie Andrews is traveling across the country photographing ghost towns. Then one day she gets a little too far off the beaten track and discovers Morgan Creek. This quaint little place doesn’t appear on any map and is decidedly a bit eerie. 
It doesn’t take Kadie long to realize there is something a little off about the few people who reside here. And when the sun sets Morgan Creek takes on a decidedly sinister air.
Unable to flee, Kadie finds herself a captive guest of the community who is interested in attracting new blood to the settlement. When Rylan Saintcrow enters the picture, this attractive young woman finds herself drawn to this compelling man who desires her for a number of reasons. 
Having stumbled into the lair of vampires, Kadie Andrews finds herself a very conflicted woman. On one hand she wants to escape while she still can, but on the other hand there is Rylan Saintcow, a gentleman has some very beguiling attributes! 
If vampire romances are your thing, you’ll want to sink your literary teeth into this novel and follow Kadie Andrews’ transformation into someone who risks everything for true love!

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