A Plain Scandal: An Appleseed Creek Mystery - Amanda Flower

Release Date - February 2013

Amanda Flower
B&H Publishing

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

A Plain Scandal is the second entry into the "An Appleseed Creek Mystery" series. Chloe Humphrey is immersing herself in the lives of her Amish friends, but it's not always easy. When someone beings targeting the Amish and cutting off their hair or beards, Chloe starts looking into the crimes. It isn't long before she comes across a body and is thrust into another perplexing mystery.

Meanwhile, Chloe is also torn by a growing movement to shun the family who treat her like one of their own. If remaining part of their family puts their status within the Amish community at risk, she really can't keep participating in their gatherings. But, how do you turn your back on a family that's become a strong part of your life?

A Plain Scandal kept me guessing. I thought I'd figured it out, but only part of my guess was correct. I do like mysteries that are not easily solved. The immersion of the Amish people adds to the story. Having Chloe's roommate and friends within the Amish community adds insight into the struggles the Amish face with their religion and the world around them.

I missed the first book in this series. While I wish I'd read it now so that some aspects were a little clearer, I never felt lost while reading A Plain Scandal.


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