Summers In Supino: Becoming Italian - Maria Coletta McLean

Release Date - April 2013

Maria Coletta McLean
ECW Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

After her father's death, Maria and her husband Bob head to her father's home in Supino, Italy. There, they are greeted warmly and treated like family rather than visitors from Canada. Along the way, they meet unique Italians, discover delicious foods, and embrace traditions and customs that are nothing like anything they could imagine. Summers in Supino is a memoir filled with humor, love, and recovery.

I have to admit, while this isn't a long story, it truly captured my attention. I wanted to be in Supino, though I had the next best thing. I laughed, felt cravings for fresh olive oil and garlic, and certainly shed plenty of tears too.

There are situations you never see coming, so I suggest keep Kleenex on hand for both the tears of joy and the tears of sorrow. If you want an emotional, descriptive read, Summers in Supino is an excellent choice.


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