Living By Ear - Mary Rowen

Release Date - February 2013

Mary Rowen
Semicolon Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

After years of dealing with his drinking, Christine Daley divorces her husband when he has an affair with an associate. When she married him, she put her career on hold to raise their children, mostly his idea. Music was her passion, and quitting right as one of her records was hitting the airwaves wasn't ideal.

With her new divorce, Christine wants to return to her passion and attempt to break back into the world of music. Her ex-husband is less than supportive. In addition, her 13-year-old daughter is upset that her mother is even considering making a YouTube video for the world to see. Her son is supportive but dealing with his own issues following the divorce. With all of this pressure, Christine wonders if she's making the right move.

I was rooting for Christine from the start. Her ex is a jerk, and I was dying for her to realize he was manipulative and needed to be told off. Boy, did I despise his character!

The writing is fluid and kept me hooked. I almost wish Christine had made a few different choices along the way, and it is interesting to imagine how different the story would be had she taken the path I wanted her to take. Still, I continued rooting for her.

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