Keeping Secrets in Seattle - Brooke Moss

Release Date - February 2013

Brooke Moss
Entangled Publishing

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Violet Murphy has a secret. She's been in love with Gabe Parker since childhood. She's ready to confess her love, but he trumps her at a family gathering. He announces that he's engaged to his ex-girlfriend.

The torture doesn't end there for Violet. In addition to keeping her status as Gabe's best friend, he also wants her to be his best "woman." His fiancee clearly loathes Violet, but she doesn't have the heart to let her long-time buddy down.

Keeping Secrets in Seattle certainly kept my attention from start to finish. I loved the friendship, as well as the clear signs that both Violet and Gabe hoped for something more but neither really had the guts to say anything. When Vi meets a new man, Landon Harlow, and boy did I really like him! I got completely caught up in the story wondering who she'd end up with. Both men are perfect for Violet and the author keeps you guessing as to who wins her heart in the end.

This is a charming romance. It's not predictable, fast paced, and includes many likable characters. I hope Brooke Moss returns to Seattle so that we can revisit some of the other characters in the book!


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