Into the Darkest Corner - Elizabeth Haynes

Release Date - January 2013

Elizabeth Haynes
Harper Paperback

Book Review by Bob Walch

Catherine Bailey is convinced that her new boyfriend is the catch of the century. Lee Brightman is handsome, attentive and ever so sexy. All her friends can’t believe how lucky Catherine is to find such a fabulous guy. 
Unfortunately, if something seems to good to be true, it usually is. Soon Lee becomes possessive and overly secretive. Then the abuse begins. After a savage attack, Lee ends up in prison and Catherine thinks she is free of the disastrous relationship.

Four years later Catherine has slowly gotten her life back together, although she is still occasionally prone to panic attacks, nightmares and sleeplessness. She’s met a new man, a doctor, who befriends her and wants to assist her with the recovery from her past nightmare.

Then Lee is released from jail. Convinced her former lover will not stop until he finds her and exacts some form of revenge, Catherine steels herself for what will be an even more harrowing experience than the first go-around with Lee. At least she has someone new at her side who can help, but sometimes not even a person with the best of intentions can help one deal with a truly fearsome, deranged adversary. 
Told in alternating chapters which switch back and forth in time, Into the Darkest Hour is a psychological suspense story that not only has the ring of truth to it but also an element that makes you want to close the book and set it aside. At the same time you know you can’t stay away that long and soon you are back flipping the pages again and completely engrossed in this twisted thriller.


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