Heart Like Mine - Amy Hatvany

Released March 2013

Amy Hatvany
Washington Square Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth''

Every now and then, a book comes along that really moves me. Heart Like Mine is that book. Told from three points of view - Ava, Grace, and Kelli, the book's poignant story, richly drawn characters, and realistic issues really tug at the heart. Kudos to Amy Hatvany for this story!

 When Grace McAllister meets Victor Hansen, she's just dumped her drink on her latest date after he states that it's a woman's duty to procreate. Grace likes children, but she doesn't want her own. Victor is a single dad, and his two children are enough for him. Grace finally found a man who thinks it's fine that she doesn't want children, and the two end up engaged.

Victor's ex-wife, Kelli, is a great mother to Max and Ava, but she's unbalanced. Ava doesn't know what's going on, but her mother's sleeping problems and lack of any interest in eating concern her. When Kelli dies unexpectedly, Grace and Victor suddenly become full-time parents. Victor's restaurant often has him working late, and Grace is facing rebellion from Ava who is furious that her mother died and scared that she might have been able to prevent her mother's death if she'd told someone that Kelli was acting odd.

Soon both Grace and Ava discover that Kelli's past was not all she said it was. Ava becomes determined to get to the bottom of things, even if it means putting her own safety at risk.

 I loved this book. I started reading it and couldn't stop, leading to a very long night! The lack of sleep is worth it, however. The only draw back is that Heart Like Mine did end. While I know it had to, I wanted to remain with Ava, Grace, Victor, and Max. I'd love to think the author will revisit them, but only time will tell!
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