Three Graves Full - Jamie Mason

Released February 2013

Jamie Mason
Gallery Books

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

As a human, I never like sympathizing with a killer, but that's exactly what happens with Three Graves Full.

The story revolves around Jason Getty, a man who has a secret. He killed a man and buried him in his yard. Things go south for Jason when he hires a landscaping team to clean up his yard, making sure they stay far away from the area where the body is buried. Jason never expects what they find. There are two more bodies buried on his property. Bodies he had no idea were there.

Soon police are scouring his house and yard looking for evidence. Jason's fear begins to overtake him. Meanwhile, there's a young woman who is also dealing with the disappearance of her fiance, and Tessa, the police dog brought in to sniff out clues. Each character has an important place in this story.

I loved the beginning of Three Graves Full. I was drawn immediately to the characters, particularly Jason. Once his explanation into the murder is painted, I sympathized with him.

Given that, I also found myself getting bogged down from time to time. I wanted the story to focus on Jason and whether he'd get away with his crime, and switching to the other characters, particularly Leah, grew tiresome for me. I found myself in too much of a rush to get back to his story.

Three Graves Full is not a bad read, it's very compelling at times. I do suggest keeping a list of the characters so that you don't fall into the trap I did where I had to backtrack to figure out which detective was currently the center of action or if it was one of the other minor characters.


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