The Witness - Naomi Kryske

Released July 2012

Naomi Kyrske
Dunham Books

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

You have no idea how hard I'm kicking myself for not picking The Witness up earlier. The Witness is one of the most riveting police procedural novels I've read. I was captivated by Jenny and the detectives and officers working hard to keep her safe.

Scotland Yard detectives never expected to find a victim alive. After finding Jennifer Jeffries wrapped up in a carpet, the victim in a line of brutal rapes and murders, they thought for sure she was dead. Then the lead detective, Colin Sinclair, finds a pulse. As London's doctors work tirelessly to save her life, Colin hopes for the best. She's their only chance at finding the killer and bringing justice for the families.

Jenny does survive, but she's been cut apart, raped, beaten, and left with tremendous physical and emotional scars. She identifies her attacker, and now faces the biggest challenge of her life, she must remain in police custody, separated from her family and friends who are back in Texas, while Scotland Yard builds a case and prepares her to testify against the son of a man with plenty of power.

The Witness is a stunning novel. It captures the devotion detectives have to their job, but also to Jenny's struggles emotionally and physically. It's impossible not to feel for this poor young woman, and to cheer her on as she learns to move over her hurdles and trust in Colin to know what's best for both her welfare and the case he desperately wants to close.

This is the first in a series by Naomi Kryske. I simply cannot wait to read her forthcoming novels. She's an amazing author.

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  1. If you liked THE WITNESS, you might want to read the continuing story in THE MISSION.


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