The Dark Pool - J.E. Fishman

Released February 2013

J.E. Fishman
StoneHouse Ink

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

The Dark Pool is a suspenseful story surrounding the lives of three men. Antwon Meeps, a talented high school basketball player, finds himself in a lot of trouble when he's accused of a rape he didn't commit. Hauled off to jail and questioned, he receives help from a stranger. He has no idea how that stranger is about to change his life.

Shoog Clay, Antwon's coach, is offered the chance to coach at a college level. He's determined to stay with his high school kids in the Bronx, however. Though certain people do not like hearing no.

Then there's The Mean, a hedge fund manager. The Mean made a risky investment and his only salvation lies in Shoog Clay's answer.

What none of them know is that there are some shady Wall Street characters betting on the outcome of their situations. These men will stop at nothing to make sure that things go their way, even if it means taking lives to get their way.

The Dark Pool took a little for me to get into the story. A number of characters are introduced in a short span, and I just couldn't see where it was going. Once that aspect becomes clear, I got into the story. It just took time to reach that point.

The story keeps you on the edge of your seat. I still had issues with the characters, specifically Antwon, I simply couldn't garner any sympathy for him. He knew his friends were about to rape a woman, and he simply didn't do anything other than remove her daughter from the room so that she wouldn't have to see it happen. That immediately made me dislike him.

Once I could get past that, I did find the story to be riveting and certainly suspenseful.


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